AC hysteresis loop with function generator


  • Primary and secondary coils with 600:1200 turns.

  • Ferro magnetic material.

  • Digital Oscilloscope.

  • Variable resistance.

  • Capacitor.

  • resistance

  • Function generator 2MHz.

  • Digital multimeter UT39A.

  • Plug – in Board for connecting the circuit

  • Connection Cables.


In this experiment, we can see, when an external magnetic field is applied to a ferromagnet material such as iron, the atomic dipoles align themselves with it. Even when the field is removed, part of the alignment will be retained, the material has become magnetized.

 Once magnetized, the magnet will stay magnetized indefinitely. To demagnetize it requires heat or a magnetic field in the opposite direction.

The ferromagnetic hysteresis loop is observed directly using AC source and oscilloscope. Saturation, permanent and coercively point can be obtained.