Air track


·     Air pressure pump.

·     Air track 120cm.

·     2 electronic gates.

·     Electronic digital counter.

·     2 holders.


  • This experimental setup is used to study many of the mechanics laws like: uniform motion laws, average and instantaneous speed, uniform accelerated motion, elastic collision, frictionless motion, and many more.

    ·      Following experiment can be done using the Air Track:

    1) Determine the velocity in the uniform rectilinear motion, verify the Newton’s First Law.

    2) Determine the average velocity and instantaneous velocity in the variable rectilinear motion.

    3) Determine the acceleration in the uniform variable rectilinear motion.

    4) Study the relation between the distance and time in the uniform variable rectilinear motion.

    5) Determine the Gravitational acceleration.

    6) Verify the Newton’s  Second and third  Law.

    7) Verify the kinetic energy theorem.

    8) Verify the momentum theorem.9) Verify the momentum conservation law.

    10) Verify the mechanical energy conservation law.

    11) Study on the simple harmonic vibration regulations.

    12) Test the period stiffness coefficient “K” of a spring vibrator.

    13) Test the period based on the equation in the simple harmonic vibration.
    14) Verify the truth that amplitude in simple harmonic vibration is irrelevant with the period