Experimental Capabilities
• Demonstration of Bernoulli’s Theorem that flow energy is made up of three separate components, the sum of which is constant i.e. pressure energy + Kinetic energy + potential energy = constant.
• Determination of Bernoulli’s Theorem equation, Convergent-divergent position.
• Observation the difference between convergent – divergent position.


The flow of a fluid has to conform with a number of scientific principles in particular the conservation of mass and the conservation of energy.
The first of these when applied to a liquid flowing through a conduit requires that for steady flow the velocity will be inversely proportional to the flow area. The second requires that if the velocity increases then the pressure must decrease.
Photon Bernoulli’s Apparatus demonstrates both of these principles and can also be used to examine the onset of turbulence in an accelerating fluid stream. Both Bernoulli’s equation and the Continuity equation are essential analytical tools required for the analysis of most problems in the subject of Mechanics of Fluids.