Conducting electricity by means of electrolysis


  • Hoffman voltmeter with 1 Glass section with 2 GL 18 and 1 GL 14 screw thread, with calibration marks.

  • Topping-up vessel.

  • Silicon tube.

  • Pair of platinum electrodes.

  • Digital multi meter.

  • Power supply.

  • Sulphoric acid.

  • Base plate with polarity designations.

  • Metallic Stand.

  • Connection cables .


In this experiment, we can determine the Faraday constant.

A specific quantity of hydrogen is produced in an electrolysis apparatus after Hofmann to The valance of the hydrogen ions is z = 1. The molar mass n of the liberated hydrogen atoms is calculated using the laws of ideal gas on the basis of the volume V of the hydrogen collected at an external pressure p and room temperature T:



At the same time, the electric work W is measured which is expended for electrolysis at a constant voltage U0. The transported charge quantity is then