Coupled pendulum


  • 2 x acrylic Pendulum rods.
  • 2 Bearing bars
  • 2 Weights 200 g
  • Weight 150 g
  • Acrylic ring
  • Spring 5 N/m
  • Coupling spring sets C
  • Metallic clamp.
  • Metallic base plate.
  • Metallic stand rods with different length.
  • Digital stopwatch.


  • SW sensor with all accessories.
  • Two Oscilloscope.
  • Connection cables.


  • The physical pendulum set is designed for assembly of a physical pendulum with a movable bob, a double coupled pendulum, a reversible (Kater) pendulum or a metronome pendulum in a space-saving table-top experiment set-up.
    It consists of pendulum rods, bearing rods and weights for constructing the pendulums themselves, as well as additional components for attaching them to the dynamic force sensors from the SW sensors set in order to record and extensively analyze the oscillations with the help of an oscilloscope.