Displaying lines of electric flux


  • closed vessel, filled with oil and seminola grains.

  • 4 plates with sectional view of electrode pairs:

  • 2 spheres

  • sphere and plate

  • 2 plates (parallel-plate capacitor)

  • 2 rings (cylindrical or spherical capacitor)

  • Storage tray.

  • Power supply 10KV.

  • Projector

  • Connection cables.


In this experiment, we can illustrate the lines of electric flux with  small particles in an oil-filled .

The particles align themselves in the electric field to form chains, which run along the lines of electric flux.

 Four different pairs of electrodes are provided to enable electric fields with different spatial distributions to be generated. these electrode pairs are mounted beneath the cuvette, and connected to a high voltage source of up to 10 kV.

The resulting patterns can be interpreted as the cross-sections of two spheres, one sphere in front of a plate, a plate capacitor and a spherical capacitor.