Faraday Effect

• Faraday glass tube.
• Polarizer.
• Analyzer.
• Electric coil for magnetic field production with built in fans for cooling.
• Variable power supply for coil (0-30V/10A).
• Na lamp with cover.
• Power supply for lamp.
• Digital multi meter.
• Metallic holder and base for filter.
• Connection cables.


• In this experiment, we can study The Faraday Effect or Faraday rotation which is a magneto-optical phenomenon, or an interaction between light and magnetic field in a medium.
• The relation between the angle of rotation of the polarization and the magnetic field in a diamagnetic material is:
V: is the Verdet constant.
L: is the medium length.
B: is the applied magnetic field.
• The Verdet constant is also dependent on the wavelength of the light and the nature of the medium.