Friction loss in pipes


Experimental Capabilities
■ Flow through pipes of differing diameters under laminar and turbulent flow conditions with logarithmic plot of friction factor “f” against Reynolds number.
■ Investigations of the flow/pressure drop relationship for an annular pipe, using the concept of equivalent hydraulic diameter.
■ Investigation of pressure drops across various fittings enabling the results to be used to predict resistance coefficients or equivalent lengths.
■ Comparison of pressure drops across two different types of valve (i.e. ball valve and gate valve) under different conditions of valve opening.


PHOTON Friction Loss in Pipes apparatus allows the student to study flow through pipes and fittings, investigate the relationship between flow and pressure drop and plot values of friction factor against Reynolds’s number. It is designed for use with Hydraulics Bench and auxiliary pump unit, but can be used as a standalone unit if connected to a suitable water supply and drain.