Laser Optical Demonstration instrument

• Light source, He-Ne laser
• Holder for experiments
• Concave-convex cylindrical mirror
• Semi-cylindrical lens
• Plano-convex cylindrical lens
• Plano-concave cylindrical lens
• Polarizer and analyzer
• Diffraction plate
• Newton’s rings
• Galilean telescope
• Periscope
• Right angle prism
• Equilateral prism
• Air wedge
• Plastic fiber


• This instrument is used to demonstrate optics experiments like light propagation through optical parts (Bi-convex, bi-concave, plan-convex and plan concave lens and mirrors).
• obtaining the light propagation through prisms and fiber optics.
• Experiments of light polarizing and diffraction are also obtained.
• Interference by Newton rings and thin film are obtained, all this experiments and more are obtained as demonstration experiments without measurements.