variable g pendulum


·        Pendulum pop (metallic    disc with mass 300g).Metallic pendulum rod.

·        Plastic disc with scale 0-90⁰.

·        Pointer.

·        Metallic multi clamp.

·        Metallic rod.

·        Metallic base.

·        Digital stop watch.


·     The instrument is used to measure the period of a pendulum as a function of the length of the pendulum and the effective component of the earth’s gravitational field (“acceleration due to gravity”).

·     The effective gravitational field influencing the periodic motion is reduced according to the inclination of the plane of the pendulum relative to the vertical.
The axis of rotation lies along the pointer, the inclination of which can be varied between 0° and 90°. The mass of the pendulum rod is small compared to that of the pendulum bob (the discs), and therefore the arrangement approximates closely to an ideal mathematical pendulum, so that it is described by the relationship: